Easy access to Breakout rooms from elite studio for presenters

I love the new breakout rooms as they offer a new way of using ON24 to engage with attendees.
The majority of our presenters only present for us once or twice so they never get the opportunity to master ON24. They are KOLs and there role is to present on their subject not master ON24

Here’s an example use case.

We would like to be able to have key note presentations then move to breakout where our attendees can have discussions on what was just presented. Then move back into the console to continue the presentations. then move into breakouts again and so on.

Currently there is no easy way to get from elite studio to breakout rooms and back to Elite studio to continue on presenting. The current advice to have both elite studio and the audience console open and to navigate between the two and get audio and video to work with out issue requires a level of understanding and experience that one-time presenter are unlikely to do. This will only lead to a poor attendee experience whilst they wait for the presenters to arrive and get everything working. If they get there at all.

The ideal scenario would be to have the list of breakout rooms in elite studio to that it is easy to get to and from the breakouts. when the breakout close the presenters return to elite studio automatically.

I understand that it easy to say and I’m sure there are technical challenges that need to be overcome but making a change like this will really bring breakouts to life.

Thanks for the feedback and the clear explanation. This is high on our list of to-do’s for breakout rooms. You are right though that it is a non-trivial effort. We are currently targeting it for release in the Q4 timeframe.

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